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Attorney John Schiro

John S. Schiro

Criminal Defense Division Areas of Practice
  • Wisconsin Super Lawyer
  • NACDL Presidents Club
  • NCDD Member
  • "Defending people charged with a crime is John's passion. He is a tireless and aggressive force in defending your liberties and rights."

Attorney Schiro's Recent Cases

United States of America v. TR:

Defendant was charged with conspiracy to deliver heroin. Attorney Schiro was able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss all charges

State of Wisconsin v. D.N. Milwaukee County:

Defendant charged with two counts of Battery, Domestic Violence related and one count of Disorderly Conduct, Domestic Violence related. Case was tried to a jury, which acquitted the defendant of all three charges.

State v. A.E. Milwaukee County:

Defendant charged with being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm. Attorney Schiro tried the matter to a jury, where the jury became deadlocked with 10 in favor of acquittal and 2 for guilty. After Attorney Schiro and the prosecutor discussed the matter with the jurors, the prosecutor decided to dismiss all charges against the defendant.

State v. C.J. City of Milwaukee:

Disorderly Conduct – Case dismissed

Client avoids serious sex charges

Re: Interest of an unnamed child, was accused of repeated acts of sexual assault of a younger minor child. After extensive investigation, the marshalling of evidence and witnesses, Attorney Schiro met with both the intake worker on two occasions, met with the prosecutor and provided the prosecutor with a mountain of exculpatory evidence. The State decides not to charge the juvenile with any crimes

Drunk Driving Acquittal:

West Allis v. A.D. Drunk Driving, OWI 1st offense, Operating after Revocation, Hit and Run, Attorney Schiro tries case to Court where the Judge finds defendant not guilty of all charges.

State v. A.M. Rock County:

Defendant was first degree recklessly endangering safety, false imprisonment and disorderly conduct. After Attorney Schiro amasses evidence of the defendant's innocence, the State moved to dismiss two weeks prior to the scheduled jury trial.

State v. K.S. Waukesha County:

OWI 2nd Case dismissed after court grants Defendant's Motion to Suppress Evidence.

State of Wisconsin v. C.B.

Defendant was charged in 2012 with 4th offense drunken driving period. After 2 years of litigation and numerous motions before the court, the state finally concedes defeat and moves to dismiss the case.

State v. K.S. Waukesha County

Defendant was charged with Operating while under the influence of an intoxicant 2nd offense. Attorney Schiro filed a Motion to Suppress evidence based upon an illegal stop. A hearing was held and the court granted the defendant's motion. The case was then dismissed.

Ozaukee County v. H.A.

Defendant was charged with driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The matter was tried to a jury and the defendant found not guilty.

TQ – Burglary (Dismissed)

The Prosecutor moves to dismiss the charge when defense investigation develops a number of witnesses, including the bother of the State's principal witness, who established that his brother was lying and was the actual perpetrator of the crime. (Kudos to counsel, Robert W. Keller, who represented a co-defendant and whose assistance was greatly appreciated and helpful.) (Racine Co.)

RA – 1st Degree Reckless Endangering of Safety (Dismissed)

Case was dismissed after investigation reveals that the initial claims were untrue, and that the witnesses were prepared to testify the same. (Milwaukee Co.)

LK – OWI-Greater than .15(Dismissed), Refusal(Dismissed)and Minor Violation

After Attorney Schiro discovers there was a problem with the investigation and evidence gathering, Drunken Driving and Refusal charges are dismissed. (Milwaukee Co.)

C.K. – DUI - 3rd

Case dismissed after defense filed several motions challenging the defendant's arrest and forced blood draw. (Waukesha Co.)

Y.W. – Felony Child Abuse

On the day of trial, the State moved to dismiss the charges, claiming that they needed an expert witness to combat evidence compiled by the defense. The State indicated that they would be re-issuing the charges. Subsequent conversations with the prosecutor resulted in the State declining to re-prosecute the charges, leaving the matter dismissed. (Milwaukee Co.)

O.T. – Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct

Dismissed (Milwaukee Co.)

C.A. – Third Degree Sexual Assault - Two Accounts

After Attorney Schiro presented the prosecutor with investigative records which cast significant doubt in the "alleged victim's" claims, the prosecutor moved to dismiss the charges. (Washington Co.)

Dustin D. – Battery, Strangulation & Third Degree Sexual Assault

Case dismissed on Prosecutor's motion. (Richland Co.)

R.C. – Operating While Intoxicated - 2nd Offense

Dismissed (Milwaukee Co.)

G.S. – Resisting an Officer & Disorderly Conduct

Dismissed (Waukesha Co.)

Joseph M. – Aggravated Battery

Jury acquitted client of charge following three-day jury trial. (Jefferson Co.)

Sharon A. – Operating While Intoxicated - First Offense

Charge Reduced to Reckless Driving (City of Oak Creek)

Gregory F. – Second Degree Sexual Assault

Jury acquitted client of charge following three-day jury trial. (Milwaukee Co.)

Nicholas G. – Substantial Battery

Case Dismissed (Waukesha Co.)

Adam B. – Criminal Damage to Property and Criminal Trespass to Dwelling

After opening statements, Attorney Schiro cross-examined the State's principle witness (the alleged victim) for approximately twenty minutes. As a result of the cross-examination, the prosecutor realized that he could no longer prove the case. The judge, describing the circumstances as "most unusual," concurred with the State's decision and the charges were dismissed. (Milwaukee Co.)

Joseph R. – Operating While Intoxicated - Third Offense w/ Minor Passenger

The felony drunken driving charge was reduced to misdemeanor drunken driving charge. (Waukesha Co.)

Kelly M. – Operating While Intoxicated – First Offense

Court granted Defendant's Motion to Suppress Evidence Derived from Illegal Stop and matter was dismissed (Village of S.)

Jonn W. – Operating While Intoxicated – first offense

dismissed (City of West Allis)

Anthony J. Operating While Intoxicated - First Offense

Charge Reduced to Reckless Driving (City of Milwaukee)

Michael M. Operating While Intoxicated - Second Offense

Dismissed (Milwaukee Co.)

Eric S. Operating While Intoxicated - Second Offense

Dismissed (Milwaukee Co.)

Jimmy V. Operating While Intoxicated - Fourth Offense Within Five Years (Felony)

ACQUITTAL BY JURY (Washington County)

Amrik S. Battery and Disorderly Conduct - DISMISSED

(Milwaukee County)

Assault and Battery - NOT GUILTY

Court entered a not guilty verdict after Court Trial (City of Milwaukee)

Alicia S: Substantial Battery - Intentionally Cause Harm - DISMISSED

(Dodge Co.)

Chadwick J: False Imprisonment and Battery - DISMISSED

Two Counts of Battery - amended to an ordinance violation of Disorderly Conduct (Iowa Co.)

Jason K: Operating While Intoxicated - Sixth Offense

Defendant received probation (Manitowoc Co.)

John S.: Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Trespass to Dwelling - DISMISSED

(Sheboygan Co.)

Phillip S.: Operating While Intoxicated - First Offense - DISMISSED

(City of Milwaukee)

Sarah R: Operating While Intoxicated - First Offense - Charge Reduced to Reckless Driving

(City of Milwaukee)

Chadwick J. False Imprisonment - DISMISSED after Preliminary Hearing

(Iowa County)

Scott M: Operating While Intoxicated - Third Offense - DISMISSED

(Lafayette Co.)

Elaine C.: Operating While Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance - DISMISSED

(Milwaukee Co.)

Navpreet M: Battery (2 Counts) - DISMISSED

Prosecutor moved to dismiss case in the middle of the Jury Trial (Milwaukee Co.)

Stephen W: Possession of Cocaine and Possession of THC - DISMISSED

(Milwaukee Co.)

Michael O: Operating While Intoxicated - Third Offense - OVERTURNED

Court of Appeals overturned trial court's decision and the matter was dismissed. (Milwaukee Co.)

Adam A: Operating While Intoxicated - Third Offense - DISMISSED

(Milwaukee Co.)

James D: Mistreatment of Animals - ACQUITTAL BY JURY

(Sheboygan Co.)

Willie M: Operating While Intoxicated - Second Offense - DISMISSED

(Milwaukee Co.)

Katraile S: Battery to Law Enforcement Officer - DISMISSED

First Degree Recklessly Endanger Safety - ACQUITTAL Operating Flee/Elude Officer Causing Bodily Harm - ACQUITTAL (Milwaukee Co.)

Michael W: Battery - OVERTURNED

Court of appeals overturned the trial court's decision to extend client's probation. The court of appeals agreed with defense counsel that the trial court was without authority to make such a decision and ordered the client's probation terminated. (Waukesha Co.)

Herschel C: Misappropriate ID Info - Obtain Money (2 counts) - DISMISSED

(Milwaukee Co.)

Vincent W: Sexual Assault of a Child - DISMISSED

(Washington Co.)

John S: 2nd Degree Sexual Assault of a Child - DISMISSED

(Sheboygan Co.)

Brian C: Violate Harassment Restraining Order - DISMISSED

Case was dismissed on the eve of trail after Attorney Schiro presented new evidence to the prosecutor. (Washington Co.)

Patricia W: Possession w/ Intent - Heroin (>3-10g) - DISMISSED

Patricia had originally hired another attorney, but it became clear to her that he was not prepared one the eve of trial. John took over and got the case adjourned. The State subsequently realized it could not win and moved to dismiss. (Milwaukee Co.)

Gregory S: Manufacture/Deliver Controlled Substance to a Minor - DISMISSED

Second Degree Reckless Endangerment - DISMISSED (Waukesha County)

Derrick H: Armed Robbery - DISMISSED

After considerable investigation and presentation of evidence to the prosecutor, John was able to get his armed robbery dismissed. (Milwaukee Co.)

James D: Operating Motor Vehicle w/o Owner's Consent and Criminal Damage to Property - DISMISSED

(Sheboygan Co.)

Tony H: Sexual Assault of a Child - Acquittal BY JURY TRIAL

(Green Co.)

Jerome Y: Operating While Intoxicated - 3RD DISMISSED

(Milwaukee Co.)

Thomas B: Operating While Intoxicated - 3RD DISMISSED

(Milwaukee Co.)

Jeffrey C: Possession of Child Pornography (Federal) - DISMISSED

(United States Federal Court)

John A: Violation of Restraining Order - Acquittal BY JURY TRIAL

(Milwaukee Co.)

Mona J: Manufacture/Deliver Cocaine (>40g) and Possession w/ Intent to Deliver Cocaine (>40g)

John took over for another lawyer and got an Acquittal BY JURY TRIAL (Milwaukee Co.)